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This is the art blog of Maggie, whom you can find her personal blog here.

I have many interests and like to draw many things. This blog is occasionally NSFW.

You can make requests, but I only do the ones I feel like doing. Still, you would be surprised what I feel like doing.


Doodling mine and Leigh’s young X-Men squad for our RP.

We have Victor Borkowski AKA Anole as squad leader (the one with the big arm)

Anita Wisdom AKA Burnet as second in command (top right)

Forest Barredell AKA Squirrel Boy (top left)

Alistair Ridao AKA Generator (top middle)

Roxanne “Roxy” Washington AKA Bling! (under Ali)

Eveen Winchester AKA Brute (middle right)

Joshua Foley AKA Elixir (Bottom left)

and Quentin Quire AKA Kid Omega (bottom right)

They’re essentially the alternative school squad. :P  Besides Anita and Victor, they all have problems or issues that need resolving.  Poor Anita didn’t become the Hermione Granger of her class to end up in this position…

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