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This is the art blog of Maggie, whom you can find her personal blog here.

I have many interests and like to draw many things. This blog is occasionally NSFW.

You can make requests, but I only do the ones I feel like doing. Still, you would be surprised what I feel like doing.


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Had some time at work so have some ponies

Warlock and Tabby dancing to sooth the souls of buckythevampireslayer and nobiliorpomis

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic stickers for sale, using original artwork by myself!

Twilight measures 7” across and all stickers in the top image are proportional to size.

The line around them represents how they are cut out, they are high performance vinyl with a matte lam.  They can safely be put on most things, with a lifespan of 1-2 years outdoors.

Each sticker is $2 apiece or the whole set for $12, plus $2 shipping for each address shipped to.

If you would like to make an order contact me at and I’ll get you set up right away!

I was doodling x-kids and liked how this sketch turned out so I inked it.

stem-cell should color it.  *nodnod*

Realized that with the completion of my art book entry and no commissions right now I am free to draw whatever I like.

So of course I drew Forest.  Tho I guess since he’s in uniform he’s SQUIRREL BOY.

I will def be inking and probs coloring this later if I don’t make stem-cell color it.

My artwork is soon to be featured in the lessthanepicfanbook, a tribute book to bigbigtruck and her webcomic, TJ and Amal.

I’d love to show you the full thing but it’ll be in the book. :3  So you’ll have to check it out there!  It’s being sold not-for-profit and will be super affordable so I hope to see you guys picking one up.


Getting stickers printed for con, they’re huge this year!

this is maybe my favorite logo design I’ve done.

Look how chill that cat is.